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Real Estate Law

Our lawyers can help you buy, use, and sell land
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As Your Real Estate Lawyers, We Offer:

Land Use and Zoning

Real Estate Transactions

Landlord / Tenant

Eminent Domain / Inverse Condemnations


Timeshare and Resorts


Mortgage Brokerage

Commercial Real Estate

Cannady & Associates’ Real estate practice consists of portfolio management, asset acquisition, and litigation. Our real estate attorneys provide the sophisticated business person, landowner, or developer with a team that enables the client to steer a clear course to execution. Our real estate attorneys also handle a vast array of title insurance and real estate litigation issues that can arise in this complex area.

Our attorneys take the time to listen carefully and get to understand their clients' needs to achieve the best results.

Our Personal Approach

At Cannady & Associates, we know that the small details can make a huge impact. Our attorneys take the time to listen carefully and get to understand their clients’ needs to achieve the best results. We provide market-leading advice from a wide range of practice areas in which real estate is involved.

Unlike other law firms who often handle hundreds of cases at a time, our unique expertise allows our lawyers to limit their caseload to focus on our client’s ultimate needs. We believe that we work in an honorable profession that requires us to focus on fully meeting the needs of our specific clientele rather than maximizing efficiency or revenue. 

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